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About us


Our mission

Our mission

Designing high-tech, robust and constantly reliable equipment and providing it to fire fighting and search and rescue or security teams to protect and save people's lives and property.

Presentation of LEADER

LEADER is an innovative company in its own right, developing, manufacturing and distributing higher performing equipment used in fire fighting and search and rescue applications.

Fire fighting smoke extraction fans, thermal imaging cameras, foam equipment and foam concentratesburied victim rescue equipment, high expansion foam system, and Training equipment these products are included in the ranges which we offer in over 50 different countries to Fire fighting & Rescue departments, Civil defense, Navy & Marine, Risk-Prone Industries, NGOs etc.

Our company, which has over 52 colleagues, benefits from a strong international presence and is also operational throughout France.

LEADER generates a turnover of 15M Dollars.

A company on a human scale

LEADER is above all a team made up of dedicated men and women giving the very best of themselves.

The customer is at the core of our action

Since 1985, we have been investigating the problems linked to your business and offer the best solutions to deal with them. Thanks to our worldwide presence, we continue to work alongside you and react quickly to your demands.

A central objective: innovation

Fire protection and search & rescue are fields that are perpetually on the move, continuously raising new problems to be resolved. To do this, LEADER has a Research and Development team working hand-in-hand with emergency services, industries and laboratories who are dedicated to developing and designing up tomorrow's products.

The goal of our teams is to: offer you innovative equipment closely adapted to your conditions of use in the field and help you finally with day-to-day protection of your operations.

An organization at your service

To make optimal use of the equipment provided, LEADER offers tailored training for each of your needs, combined with the maintenance of your equipment.

To deal with safety requirements for every aspect of fire fighting and search and rescue, our products are tested at our test center to ensure that the manufacturing quality is optimal.

The Research and Development team and the Manufacturing Department ensure that all the equipment is developed to your new needs and technological and regulatory developments.