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About us


TEEX - DISASTER CITY - Texas Engineering Extension Service

TEEX is the world leader for search and rescue training, providing training across the globe for heavy and medium urban search and rescue teams.

In the US, TEEX operates Disaster City, a 52 acre advanced training facility which offers a wide variety of search, rescue, medical, command, and logistics courses throughout the year as well as full-scale disaster exercises. 

TEEX is also the sponsoring agency for Texas Task Force 1, one of the most deployed US&R teams in the US. Last year, TEEX trained over 200,000 students in 5,700 course deliveries in over 62 different countries.

LEADER can co- ordinate all levels of training at both TEEX or through our specifically designed and tailored courses which can be delivered at any location in the world.

TOGETHER we can work in tandem to ensure when DISASTERS happen, Rescue teams have the highest level of equipment and skills.


PARATECH designs and manufactures a complete range of rescue tools for more than 40 years. Their equipment have the very good reputation to be innovative and reliable. PARATECH is looking for the best innovative concepts to propose them to the rescue teams.

Leader is a partner of the PARATECH Brand whose products it distributes throughout France and the United Kingdom.


WOLF - The Safety Wolf Lamp Company

Based in England, WOLF is a lighting equipment manufacturer. Its range of products is ATEX certified and allow access into areas whith explosive risk.

Leader distributes WOLF brand in France.

SSF - Secouristes Sans Frontières

SSF is a humanitarian non-profit making organization, official member of international SAR emergency teams and is having the Civil Defense approval to participate in international missions.

SSF teams intervene on a voluntary basis when natural disasters occur (earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc.) to help the disaster population by sending specific emergency rescue teams.

Leader is SSF partner sponsor.
They share their know-how and have a common objective : ameliorate rescue techniques and equipment.