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About us

HR Politic

The integration of LEADER and the GENETECH Group means sharing values and participating actively in its development. We work in the world of fire fighting and search & rescue. Our customers expect us to be professionals, offering constant responsiveness, unceasing capability for innovation and the assurance of expertise in a field that is perpetually on the move.

A constant quest for improvement

That is why LEADER deploys a policy of constant improvement, aligned to the quality of its services, products, organization and safety. The GENETECH Group's objective is to obtain a clear appraisal of the resources and skills available to a company, in order to address the needs of our customers.

A field where there is room for human beings

Our national and international coverage, the diversity of our partners and activity areas are major advantages for our professional development.

All our colleagues are given the opportunity of an annual assessment interview. This is an opportunity to take stock of their assignments and their working environment, listen to their opinions and desires, highlight any skills and identify individual training needs.

A Group which is socially-aware

The company believes in equal employment policy and works hand-in-hand with the company medical services and the HANDICIPER Association for the integration and continuous employment of disabled workers.