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Flame Generators-Simulators

Thanks to our Research & Development department, the Ecological Flame Generator addresses the needs of all that require fire extinguishing training in compliance with environmental rules. Our Flame Generators protect your health and abide by all safety requirements.

There is no longer a need to burn wood, hydrocarbons or other fuel !

The Ecological Flame Generator is totally independent, powered by a 12 V rechargeable battery, allowing training to take place on the spot, without pollution or any leftover residue (ash, unburned hydrocarbons).

Operating on propane gas, the Ecological Flame Generator produces powerful flames, radiating strongly at a controlled height of between 12 inches to 12 feet, depending on the model.

The Ecological Flame Generator uses no hydrocarbons, is smoke-free, and emits no pollution.

The Ecological Flame Generator is designed for use while ensuring the greatest respect for your health. Aware of the importance of human safety during training, LEADER has placed great emphasis on this aspect. Fire-resisting interconnecting cable, control console with emergency shutdown button, gas control solenoid valve, positive safety control… our Ecological Flame Generators now include all these features to ensure that its use is totally safe.

Ecological Flame Generators with water :
AEROS: Ecological Flame Generator for simulation of a real fire with high radiation on a body of water
PYROS: Ecological Flame Generator for simulation of a particularly powerful real fire with high radiation and tall flames on a body of water

Ecological Flame Generator without water :
GF42: Ecological Flame Generator, without water, compact for easy transport and storage.

To customize training and help your personnel become accustomed to every fire extinguishing situation, LEADER offers simulation props for all its Ecological Flame Generators (computer monitors, trashcan, electric motor, etc.), capable of simulating specific situations like aerosol explosions or the reaction of water on contact with boiling oil.

LEADER offers also:
• An extra large fire blanket to prevent total blaze and spreading of the fire.
Software of extinguisher interactive courses to learn the basic concepts related to the use of a fire extinguisher.


LEADER guarantees its products from the date of acceptance by the customer.

  • Fire pan and fuel supply console (PYROS 3, AEROS 2, GF42) : 1 year
  • Flame generator accessories (training modules) : 1 year
  • Batteries and igniters : 6 month


Our entire corporate fire fighting policy would be incomplete if it did not include the training of all our partners in the right reflexes when dealing with a fire, and with the knowledge and handling of fire extinguishers.

To deal with this need, LEADER was among the very first to design and propose flame generators running on propane to minimize their impact on the environment and reproducing intense and realistic fires with flames up to 9.8 ft high.

Please feel free to contact us to organize a demonstration.

Didier Montet – Area Sales Manager - LEADER

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