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The LEADER Sar All-Risks Helmet is a high performance helmet which has been designed to meet the highest levels of protection combined with the highest possible levels of comfort and usability.

For Search and Rescue applications, it meets the manufacturing requirements for USAR, High Angle Rescue, and Swift Water Rescue. 

The LEADER Sar All-Risks Helmet can be used for Marine Rescue and Security.

Compliance with the highest possible marine standards makes it suitable for use by Maritime Rescue, Coastal Rescue and Coastal Border Security.

OTHER APPLICATIONS include Forestry and Wide Area Search, Forestry and Wild Land Fire Fighting, EMS, Ambulance, Animal Rescue, Fast Moving Craft and Vehicles like QUADS (4 Wheelers), ATVS, Hovercraft, Ribs, Snowmobiles.

Available in many colors including HI-Vis options with Hi-Vis tape. Ensuring Safety and comfort is paramount.

The Leader SAR All-Risks MILITARY and POLICE range meets all the requirements of URBAN and MARINE use. Suitable for Urban Climbing, Marine Security and Rescue, CBRN environments, Confined Space, Police Riot Control, and much more, the helmet is Available in covert and Police color options.


LEADER gurantees its products from the date of acceptance by the customer.

LEADER Sar : 1 year

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