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Life detectors / Search cameras

The use of this search and rescue equipment has been greatly simplified, offering modern, efficient and reliable support during search and rescue operations.  Find victims EASIER, FASTER, SAFER!


The search & rescue equipment includes several complementary devices intended for search and rescue specialists. Designed and built for use by rescuers for location and detection of buried victims.

search and rescue equipment - wireless life detector - leader search

  • LEADER Search is the world’s ONLY seismic wireless life detector, designed to detect the presence of trapped or entombed victims and pinpoint them with great accuracy. The highly sensitive seismic sensors will detect even the slightest sign of life; tapping, scratching, banging, voices or any other indicator of viable victims, regardless of the nature of their entrapment ie. rubble, snow, mud etc..

LEADER Search is the next generation of the already established Audio ResQ wireless system. It uses many of the unique key features but is also lighter in weight, more compact and has a new interface with user friendly menu and graphics. It offers greater ergonomics for improved use, increasing speed and efficiency.

search and rescue equipment - search camera with communication - leader cam

  • LEADER Cam, developed to visualize and communicate with victims, is used for evaluating the necessary assistance and emergency care needed.
    The LEADER Cam is the next generation of the proven and effective Visio Search.

    It offers unrivalled ease of use thanks to its new interface, user friendly menu, extra large full colour screen and ultra-lightweight carbon fibre telescopic probe.


  • search and rescue equipment - search camera with communication and wireless life detector - leader hastyLEADER Hasty is the world’s first and only true Hasty search system that combines search cameras, listening and victim communication devices into one unit* !

    LEADER Hasty has been especially designed to offer a lightweight, mobile and efficient method of performing a fast and reliable Hasty search.


*Patent pending


  • search and rescue equipment usar - life search and breathing detection device - leader scanLEADER Scan, is the WORLD’S ONLY device capable of detecting the slightest chest movements produced by breathing !
    Designed to detect and locate live victims trapped, buried or entombed, usually following disasters such as: collapse structures, landslides, avalanches and so on, LEADER Scan allows to locate victims by detecting movements at a distance of 98 ft in free space thanks to the UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology.


  • See also the LEADER Sentry, designed to warn rescue workers of any imminent movement and possible collapse of surrounding structures, giving them time to retreat to safety.


LEADER offers also the LEADER Sar all-risks helmets designed to meet the highest levels of protection.


LEADER gurantees its products from the date of acceptance by the customer.

LEADER Search : 2 years
LEADER Cam : 2 years
LEADER Hasty : 2 years
LEADER Scan : 2 years
Battery : 1 year or 500 cycles
Charger : 1 year

Testimonials secouristes sans frontieres 100x100

There is no doubt that this new equipment is amazingly easy to use in the field, and in rubble, including on blocks up to 6 m thick, bricks, stone and reinforced concrete, whenever one or two victims are only able to respond to calls from the surface by light scratching.

LEADER SEARCH life locator and LEADER CAM search camera are user-friendly for the operator with a particularly simple man-machine interface offering optimum ergonomics.
It is particularly fast and easy to browse through the menus: selection of sensors, use of filters and selection of the right sensors located vertically above the victims. Sounds that are picked up are of outstanding quality. Data legibility is excellent, in broad daylight or at night.
There is a second headset for refined analyses and guiding an operator undergoing training.

Bruno BESSON - Manager and Chief of International Operations - Secouristes Sans Frontières

For several years now, LEADER has been developing urban environment search and rescue equipment to save the buried victims of earthquakes, explosions and landslides.
All our colleagues at LEADER are especially motivated and involved and are committed to proposing equipment that offers constantly improved performance to locate as quickly as possible the greatest number of victims in the shortest possible time.

Contact us for a presentation of our equipment, developed in conjunction with international search and rescue experts.

Jeremy DELERUE - Search & Rescue Product Manager - LEADER

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