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Smoke generator

Dense and realistic smoke!

LEADER Smoke, our smoke generators, produces a dense and realistic smoke in order to create favorable circumstances for training in optimal safety conditions. It perfectly meets the training needs to fill small to very large volumes of smoke in few minutes!

Serious technical advantages!

The two machines generate a dense and realistic smoke continuously, without interrupt the diffusion in order to warm the machine. The flow is adjustable for a light smoke or dense smoke. All our machines use a smoke fluid composed of water and glycol which ensures the smoke is totally safe.

The two smoke generators are equipped with a removable and rugged remote control allowing multi-purpose use for triggering smoke emissions at distance for a larger versatility of use. It allows programming the diffusion by choosing smoke emission time and required volume.


The smoke fluid: indispensable complement!

Our range of LEADER Smoke fluid is the origin of our dense smoke with a long hang time. Composed of water and glycol, the smoke produced is safe, environmentally friendly and without any toxic hazard. Our fluid is non-toxic, economic and (when used correctly) do not leave any residue.

Many opportunities to use:

Polyvalent, the LEADER Smoke range is used for trainings of fire crews, for evacuation exercices, for tests of smoke control systems and ventilation or for leak testing pipelines, etc…


LEADER guarantees its products from the date of acceptance by the customer.

  • LEADER Smoke - Smoke generators : 2 years

You must use LEADER smoke fluid to activate the product guarantee.

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