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Interactive Courses

introLEADER, manufacturer of fire fans and privileged partner of fire professionals, now offers free interactive courses in 4 languages (French, English, Spanish and Chinese).

Their aim is to:
- Recall the main principles of fire,
- Explain the thermal phenomena,
- Train learners to the concept of fire ventilation in intervention according 3 main techniques (Offensive, defensive and combined fire ventilation tactics).

Each part includes a self-assessment for rapid accreditation of prior learning.

You can download these 3 courses on our platform at the following link:
Then follow the directions.

Good training !


The training module concerning General Information about Fire

Ventilation traning courses - General points about fire




- Introduction
- Fire Behaviour
- Combustion
- Notions of explosibility
- Propagation
- Simulation
- Self-Assessment

The training module for Thermal Phenomena

Ventilation training courses - Thermal phenomena




- Introduction
- Environment
- Backdraft
- Flashover
- Overview
- Simulation
- Key Concepts
- Essential Terminology
- Self-Assessment

The training module on Ventilation

Ventilation training courses - Ventilation




- Introduction
- General Points
- Types
- Methods
- Techniques
- Tactics
- Fans
- Simulation
- Self-Assessment